C.E.M.E.S. S.p.A. has experience in the design, construction and maintenance of cabins and electrical substations essential for sorting and transforming the energy needed to power railway lines. The skills acquired allow us to intervene in all aspects of an energy transformation cabin: civil engineering, yards, electromechanical components, connection to the network etc..

featured projects

Adaptation of substations and ESS systems

Supply and installation of MV and LV cabin equipment; Assembly of new conduits and laying of cables;

Power supply systems in the sections relating to the ESS of Montallese and San Donato

Structural works and the installation of the overhead and cable power lines to supply the Mobile Substations. Laying of ducts […]

Adaptation of the electric traction power supply scheme at the Livorno Calambrone station

Demolition of a small disused building; installation of a new RFI electric traction cabin in the Livorno Calambrone station; 

Installation […]