CEMES SPA, in line with the ethical principles of governance and the aims established by the Statute, adopted an Organizational, Management and Control Model, which in its latest revision was approved by the Board of Directors on 14/12/2018.

The Model consists of a “General Part” and a “Special Part”, accompanied by the behavioral protocols that insist on the risks/offenses identified in the Model.

At the same time as adopting the “Organizational, Management and Control Model” CEMES SPA has appointed the following Supervisory Body (SB):

  • Dr. Cinzia Bernardini, Chairman;
  • Gianluca Vaselli, internal member.

A communication channel has been set up with the Supervisory Body at the following e-mail address organismodivigilanza@cemes-spa.com, to which reports must be sent concerning any violations and non-conformities with respect to the prescriptions of the 231 Model, including the Code of Ethics; access to this information channel is reserved for the Supervisory Body.