C.E.M.E.S. S.p.a. specializes in the construction of contact lines for railway electric traction. Over the years we have contributed to build, adapt and renew the contact lines for over 2,000 km. Among the R.F.I. qualifications we obtained, there is one related to the interventions on electric traction and electric power distribution. The work carried out in the field allowed us to be qualified to design and carry out electric traction works for unlimited amounts.

featured projects

Installation of catenary conductors and switches on the Pragersko-Hodos line in Slovenia

Supply and assembly of the contact line with the assembly of the accessories on the new supports, the installation of […]

Renovation of the electrification systems on various sections of the Genova-Roma line

New electrification plans and elaboration of the necessary design data for the adaptation of the construction standards to the different […]

Renovation and completion of the electric traction adaptation for the Roma-Firenze Direttissima line

Installation of the new OMNIA type suspensions inside and outside the tunnels as well as the removal of the supports […]