Renovation of the electrification systems on various sections of the Genova-Roma line

Renovation of the electrification systems on various sections of the Genova-Roma line


Renovation of the electrification systems for various sections of the Genova-Roma Tyrrhenian line, including: Cecina-Vada, Castagneto – S.Vincenzo, S.Vincenzo – Campiglia Marittima.

Commissioned by

Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.P.A

  • New electrification plans and elaboration of the necessary design data for the adaptation of the construction standards to the different local conditions on a suitable digital support; construction of foundation blocks for the support of poles, portal frames and tie-rods on the ground with possible deviation of gutters, culverts and cables interfering with the new blocks;
  • Laying of the new supports complete with brackets, suspensions and accessories and removal, after partial demolition of the foundations, of the existing supports, brackets, suspensions and accessories;
  • Adaptation of the contact conductors, including the removal and recovery of the existing conductors; laying and adjustment of the new contact conductors, of the moorings, of all the electrical connections and installation of the automatic regulation and sectioning posts;
  • New grounding systems for electric traction including the laying and installation of the aluminium ropes, the relevant connections, the clamps and accessories;
  • The installation of the joints, the moorings and the necessary connections, the grounding of the supports and various structures, the renovation and adaptation of the 3 kV d.c. power lines.
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