Within C.E.M.E.S. S.p.A. there are departments that support our main activities. In our factory, we execute carpentry projects for the construction and tech industries, as well as structural components and kits for steel frames.

The factory is equipped with modern and sophisticated equipment such as: furnace for heat treatment and normalization of materials, hydraulic presses, band saws, column drills, threading machines, punching and bending machines. The factory is compliant with EN 1090-1:2009, to make structural components and kits for steel structures.

Currently the factory has a covered area of about 3,000 square meters and also employs workers specialized in welding.

featured projects

Pylons and beams for the Montallese railway substation

New metallic structure made with trusses and reticular beams, 15 meters high, as support to the 132 KV line at […]

Metal columns for the San Rossore Sport Village gym

The metal structure has the function of supporting the glulam roof. Given the importance of the building, the roof has […]

External fire escape stairs

The metal structure allows people to evacuate the building in case of emergency. Since the staircase was visible from the […]

Construction of sorting stations on the bridge at km 60+000

These have the function of inclining the train towards the inside of the curve, in order to make the passengers […]

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C.E.M.E.S. S.p.A. is a company specialized in rail and airport infrastructure, electric power distribution, construction, metal and steelwork carpentry. Based in Pisa, it is part of the Madonna group and works on large development projects throughout Italy


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