As the infrastructure sector continues to grow and expand, C.E.M.E.S. S.p.A. has achieved numerous milestones in the field of airport construction, like the work carried out for the airports of Pisa and Firenze.

Our new department has successfully overcome significant challenges, related to flight facilities (airside) and terminals (landside). These two large macro-areas are in fact essential spaces in every modern airport.

The airside area encloses all the flight facilities, therefore:

  • The runway (usually in asphalt, with the possible addition of rigid concrete barriers)
  • An aircraft apron
  • One or more junctions to connect the yard to the runway
  • One or more taxiways
  • Hangar for the shelter and maintenance of airport vehicles (cargo, tractors, ramps…)
  • A fire station

The landside area includes the terminal, which comprises all the facilities and areas accessible to the public. These include the passenger terminal, parking lots and the road network.



We build the structures of the landside area such as the airport terminals, which include all the related services.


We build airside infrastructure for landing, maneuvering and aircraft movement areas.