Renovation of Camp Darby’s Fire Station

Renovation of Camp Darby’s Fire Station


Renovation works of Bldg.3060, the Fire Brigade barracks, at Camp Darby military base.

Commissioned by

Department of the Army United States Army, 414th Contracting Support Brigade Regional Contracting Office, Sub-Office Livorno, Camp Darby


Camp Darby (Tirrenia, Pisa)



The renovation of Bldg.3060 at Camp Darby involved the conversion of the building from a carpentry shop to a fire station, including all the necessary adjustments: structural work (micropoles and reinforced concrete partitions), architectural work (a new internal distribution of the rooms and replacement of all finishes), new electrical and mechanical systems, as well as external finishes (new perimeter security fence, new paved road connecting with the road network of the military base, external roof for the shelter of vehicles).