Installation of fixed GPU underboard systems at Pisa airport

Installation of fixed GPU underboard systems at Pisa airport


Installation of fixed GPU underboard 400 Hz systems for the portion of the airport apron relating to line 20 of aircraft stands, at Pisa airport

Commissioned by

Toscana Aeroporti

Construction of a new system of fixed 400Hz above-ground Ground Power Units (GPUs) to serve the aircraft stands on apron line 20, so as to permanently replace the existing GPUs and complete the apron’s supply of fixed GPUs.

As part of this project, taking advantage of the planned construction of new cables for the GPU, which will be laid along the airside terminal line, it will be possible to permanently separate the power supply circuits of the lighting towers from TRF1 to TRF5, which will be located in the new CE10 airside cabin.

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