Pisa Airport Echo Junction

Pisa Airport Echo Junction


Demolition and reconstruction of Pisa Airport Echo junction.

Commissioned by

Toscana Aeroporti

As part of the redevelopment of a portion of the airport apron at Pisa airport and the Echo junction that connects the aircraft parking aprons with the runway, CEMES was responsible for the demolition of the old junction and the related airport apron foundations and the successful reconstruction of the same with modernization of the LVA (Luminous Visual Aids, which constitute the lighting of the flight infrastructure).

In particular – as per images:

  • Demolition of the Echo junction and the related apron foundations;

  • Construction of the superstructure of the rigid pavement related to the apron foundations afferent to the Echo junction;

  • Construction of the substructure of the flexible pavement (in bituminous conglomerate) of the Echo junction;
Asphalt paving of the junction; 

  • Construction of the reinforced concrete rigid pavement of the apron foundation slabs;
Cement stabilization of the apron foundation rigid pavement slabs;
Installation of new LVA equipment;

  • Elastic pavement connection of the new apron to the R22 header of the secondary runway at Pisa Airport.
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